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February 2019 Forecast 

Today’s info ( 1/16/19 )


Clarity / Stained to very stained

Surface Temp 50-55


It goes without saying we all have had more than our share of winter rain with Lake Martin being no exception. Our lake rose approximately 5 ft in January hopefully by the time your reading this things are back to normal.

Yes, January was a tough month for catching but most days we caught our limit or more of stripers . How did we do this you ask well we searched for cleaner waters which wasn’t an easy task but when we found it we fished right on the break of the dirty water and cleaner water. The stripers were for the most part were right on that break . As the day progressed we had to move with the current from them pulling the water to be able to stay on the fish . My days on the water didn’t produce much top water action as it has in the past Januarys but the deep water bite was active .

Now to get into February forecast I personally don’t think your going to see many changes until at least mid February. Hopefully mid February will bring a little more consistent weather and less rain. If this is the case then your past years favorite February spots should produce. I’ll probably be planer boarding early morning then be switching over to some down lining on through the day. In the past February has been one of those months that I have boated fish from one end of the lake to the other. It all depends on which area I prefer to target that day. February also should begin some creek action for these stripers so do not overlook the creeks .

February is a big month for tournaments and more than our share of weekend fishermen, so always have respect for each other. Please be extra careful while on the water. Do not assume the other boat or boats see you because that’s not always the case. You will need to be a defensive driver at all times, always wear your PFD, kill switch and follow all boating laws.

If you haven’t booked your springtime trip with us yet then don’t hesitate any longer and call me now at 256-401-3089 to reserve your favorite date.

Until next time be safe and catch one for me !



Captain David Hare