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March 2020 Forecast  

Lake Level 488 + ( 2/12/2020 )
Surface Temp 55
Clarity / very stained north to stained on south end
Well was out today in between all the storms and boated some very nice stripers once I located some clean water ( remember this is 2/12 when I’m writing this ) stripers were a lot deeper than usual as deep as 60 ft. February weather wise and catching wise has been very unpredictable but for the most part we’ve had some very successful trips.
Moving on to March now it’s the beginning of some very busy days for weeks and months ahead for us here at Alex City Guide Service. We will be running multiple boats to handle all the spring time trips here on Lake Martin. If you haven’t booked yours yet then now is the time to pick up that phone and call or text me at 256-401-3089 and get on the calendar!
Wind Creek State Park and Campground will be filling up with crappie fishing people both camping or just launching boats. If you are looking for a good get away with your camper and never visited us at Lake Martin then reserve you a camp spot and come on over you will be pleasantly surprised on how nice the grounds are.
If camping isn’t your style well Lake Martin is absolutely full of vacation rental properties including the apartments at the Marina that we launch from / Lake Side at Bay Pines Marina step out the door on to our guide boats.
Several big time tournaments will be going on this Spring including the well known FLW out of Wind Creek during March. It takes a lot more pounds of bass these days on Lake Martin to win a tournament than say 5-6 years ago thanks to the herring putting big time weight on the bass, stripers and even the crappie and catfish. Yes crappie will eat herring. ( don’t believe it clean a few in winter and see what’s in their stomachs)
Your going to see a lot of boats trolling and or strolling for crappie in all the creeks during this month, your going to see striper boats pulling planer boards trying to catch that Trophy on top with live baits, your going to see some catfish boats anchored out or drifting for those whiskered giants, last but not least your going to see bass boats jumping from spot to spot at very high speeds so saying this everyone needs to have respect for other fishing boats and stay a safe distance while under power. Keep alert for others it’s like on the highway practice defensive driving. Water temps are still very cold in March so be on the safe side and wear a PFD in case you go overboard. Rising waters could have debris floating most anywhere on the water so stay alert!
Start expecting to see a little top water action this month so always be prepared to sling (cast) your favorite artificial top water plug at that one that shows up next to your boat.
Until next time be careful and catch one for me!

Capt David B Hare

Alex City Guide Service