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Full Pool ( until October 15 )
Surface Temp 84 ( as of 10/8/22 )
Clarity/ Very Clear

If the bite is as good this October as it was in 2021 then we should have a lot of happy clients. With the majority of the recreational boats off the lake now, it will be pretty peaceful out on the water. Monday through Friday, you may not see any boats but us out chasing the stripers. Saturday and Sunday you may run across a handful of boaters but nowhere close to the summer traffic.

For October, I would be prepared for the transition of the stripers which basically means they will be moving around to their favorite areas for the fall. Also this month I like to use smaller live baits (you can get at your local bait shops around the lake) I also troll with umbrella rigs including the smaller “A” rigs. While looking for schools of stripers I would spend a lot of time in the main channels or right off the edges of the channel. Don’t waste a whole lot of time in the creeks this month or not until the end of the month anyway. It doesn’t mean a few will not be in the creeks, but I believe your most productive bite will be near the main channels.

Using and understanding your electronics is very critical especially this month. If you are struggling with understanding what your looking at then go on YouTube where you will find hundreds of useful tips. You should start to see a few seagulls which will lead you to schools of bait which the stripers will be following. If you’d like to learn more about striper fishing we’d love to have you book with us. It’s always a learning trip not to mention fun catching.

If you’d like to book a trip or trips here on Lake Martin please TEXT ANYTIME 256-401-3089.


Tight Lines!

Capt David B Hare
Alex City Guide Service