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LAKE MARTIN, AL | (256) 401-3089
Yes, if you are 16 years old or older you will need a current Alabama fresh water fishing license.
Call Alabama Department of Conservation at 1-888-848-6887 and have a credit card ready. They are open 24/7. You can also visit Local Wal-Marts, Bass Pro Shops, and some bait and tackle stores around Lake Martin also sell fishing licenses.
1) Comfortable clothing for current weather conditions. (Rain suits are also suggested.) 2) Food, snacks, and drinks of your choice. (Alcohol is okay, but no excessive drinking.) 3) Cooler with ice, etc. is okay to put on boat. (If possible, please limit coolers to no more than 2.) 4) Camera (Alex City Guide Service has a camera on board if you forget yours.)
Yes. You may want to bring PFD (life jacket) for young children. Alex City Guide Service does have children PFD’s available, but most kids like to bring their own.
Yes, trips are priced based on each person in the boat fishing or not.
Most of our guide boats are able to carry 6 persons, but we suggest you book a second boat if your trip will have more than 4 persons. A 4 person trip plus the captain (guide) is most common and recommended.
NO! When you book a trip, the boat is for your group only! Even if the boat is booked for 1 person, the boat belongs to that one person for that charter, and the boat will not be shared with others.
NO! Tips are not required, but tips are very common and are really appreciated.
Most common tips is 20% of total. (Example: If you booked a $500.00 guide trip, then an apropriate tip would be $100.00
Yes, Alex City Guide Service offers fish cleaning, packaging, and ice for your catch. (Guides do this with their personal tools (knives, etc.), bags, and ice. A fish cleaning tip is common.
Alex City Guide Service start and stop times vary with fishing conditions, and with a customer’s request. This will be established at the time of booking.
The most common trip time is 6 hours. Some customers want to fish longer and some want to fish less. We are here to please you, and we’re able to adjust our times according to your schedules on most occasions. However, there is an additional charge by the hour for trips that want to fish longer than 6 hours.
NO! Alex City Guide Service guarantees to fish hard for you and try our best to find fish, but we cannot make them bite if they do not want to.
YES! At present, Alex City Guide Service has a 90% catch history for trips over the past several years.
Each species of fish has a different creal limit. This question is best answered directly from your captain or guide at the time of booking.
We personally suggest Monday-Friday. However, we fish seven days a week.
No. Weekends are great fishing. You just have more traffic on the lake than you do during the weekdays. Less traffic give you more peace and quiet.
No. We just roll your deposit over to your next booking as long as you cancel within 48 hours of a schedule trip. Booking fee is $100.00 per boat, per day.
Yes! We take credit cards!
No. It’s open year round, and we catch fish year round. There is not a bad time to fish. The Alex City Guide Service therory is you fish when you can go, and we adjust to the season whether it’s types of bait, location of fish or the time of day.