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July 2018 Forecast:

Full Pool


82(June 5th)


The night trips have been producing really nice striper catches . In July you need to spend your time searching for them in main channels, deep water, and expect to see them in the thermocline . You can troll for them with swim baits, deep running crank baits , spoons, or deer hair jigs. If trolling is not your deal then fish with live bait , # 1 live striper bait is gizzard shad which is what we specialize in ( live bait fishing ), for most fishermen shad is not a choice for them due to not being able to catch them and for sure not being able to keep them alive, so your next choice would be bream or black salties.

July is a very busy month on the lake both day and night will have a lot of traffic (pleasure boaters) the most common problem you’ll witness on any Resevoir is boaters under the influence of alcohol, drugs or both, running at night with no lights, excessive speed at night and just plain old no boater operating experience. By saying all of this I’m telling you by experience this is the time to be on your best defensive driving.... never ever take your eyes off the water and follow all boating safety rules. This is not a time to not have your mind 100% on operating your boat.

If you’d like to book a trip and let us take all the pressures off you and your guest just give me a call or text at 256-401-3089.

Happy 4th of July!



Captain David Hare