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March 2018 Forecast:

Well March is on top of us and here on Lake Martin not only does it explode with anglers of all types but with an awesome month of catching all varieties of fish! The crappie, bass and the best fighting fish you will ever catch in fresh water known as Lake Martin Trophy Stripers are sure to get your heart racing when you have them on the other end of your line. You will witness several strategies of fishing in March. There is not a wrong way to fish this month, but some techniques will prove to be the best with each passing day!

As always we will be fishing live bait and most likely be pulling planer boards with large gizzard shad trying to entice that Trophy Striper to to come to the surface for that explosion you all have come to expect when you fish with us! For that angler that likes the night spring time bite well March produces that too if the water levels have risen above your your favorite underwater lights then bass along with stripers will most likely be roaming these lighted areas just waiting on you to trigger a strike. If you like super light tackle fishing, March crappie fishing here is a must for you. It is not unusual for each angler on the boat to limit out with some very nice crappie in the month of March.

We take the work out of fishing, and we stand ready to help you experience the trip of a lifetime.  Call or text 256-401-3089 to book your trip today. Until next time catch one for me, keep what you need for a meal and release the rest!

Tight Lines

Captain David Hare




February 2018 Fishing Report:

Lake Level (484)

Surface Temp 49.5 *


Lake Martin in February can be and should be an excellent time to be on the water fishing for trophy Stripe.  This month is what most Crappie fishermen say is the beginning of the crappie season here. You’ll see a lot of Crappie trolling going on especially on the north end of the lake.  This is a transition month for Stripe fishing and we will have to be adaptive to the water temps and weather patterns.

February 8th-11th Lake Martin is hosting the BASS Elite Series tournament, this is the best of the best bass fishermen and an excellent time of year to bag a lot of bass here. There will be a lot of culling going on during this tournament and he bass on Lake Martin are bigger than ever.  I personally think people are going to be shocked by how much weight it’s going to take to win this tournament. Come out to Wind Creek State Park and watch the weigh in and meet your favorite angler. Want to get out on the lake and be a spectator of this great event but don’t know the lake or where to maybe find the anglers, no worries. We will be booking spectator trips these 4 days and would love to have you join us. If you do this on your own please be respectful and keep a safe distance between you and the anglers you are watching. Remember they are here making a living and the last thing they need is somone causing them to miss a fish or to be distracted from there job by spectators.

Striper fishing this month will produce some mighty big trophy’s along with several good fighting 8-15 lb stripers. We will be catching stripers both deep and on top water this month. There is no particul area this month to concentrate in.  The lake is ever changing and we have to change with it.

Remember to always wear your life jacket, but please take extra precautions this month. We will have some warm and pretty days, but the water temps will still be very cold and if you were to go overboard you could be in serious trouble quick.

We take the work out of fishing, and we stand ready to help you experience the trip of a lifetime.  Call or text 256-401-3089 to book your trip today.



Captain David Hare