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September 2018 Forecast:

Full Pool

Surface Temp 90 degrees

Clarity / Clear


Photo with this article was from this morning (8/14/18) clients had 8 hits and boated 6 really nice stripers in about 2 hrs . Had to leave because they were limited out not to mention they needed to get to work. Caught these fish running our down riggers with artificial lures.

September will more than likely produce bites both day and night . You still need to be concentrating in the deeper cooler water in September. You should try your luck as far down the lake as the Dam and Goat Island area. In a normal year I will be fishing my baits at 35-50 ft and water depth of 50-120 ft during the month of September. Mornings usually produce best between the hours of 6:00am and 11:00am and the night bite should be the best from 6:30pm till midnight.

September your week day fishing will not be crowded at all with recreational boaters, however the weekend boaters will still be out and about.  It should not be as crowded as the last couple of months but you will definitely have company on Saturday and Sundays. Always be alert of your surroundings and practice defensive driving .

This month you should start seeing a few surfacing fish, so keep your favorite top water lure tied on to a good medium action spinning rod and keep it handy for that spur of the moment boil. Hey if your still having to entertain family and friends on your pontoon boat it’s a good idea to keep that same rig on your pontoon because when you least expect it you will run up on some surfacing stripers.

If you are planning on doing some fall and winter time fishing with us now is a good time to book those trips, so you will get the date or dates you desire. Call or text me at (256) 401-3089.

Until next time be safe and catch one for me !



Captain David Hare